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Seriously, fandoms... [Sunday
February 3rd, 2013 @3:19pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Argh. Arrr...Yeah that was my angry pirate imitation.

I find more often than not that fandoms have similar mindsets and equally similar opinions about...well, everything. For Vamps, everyone always says that Hyde is hot. The nice side of me wants to say that yes, he is, or was, or still sort of is, while the not so nice side of me likes to hum the line of Kesha's (Key-sha!) song "Unless they look like Mick Jagger."

Seriously, he's kinda hot for an old man, but I'm 25 and so not to that level of fantasizing yet.

Back to the original rant, SM entertainment likes to make all of their idols overly androgynous. Since I like guys that look like girls, I don't mind one bit. But I still know they are guys. I wouldn't know if I'm into girls and don't really care for the drama, so that question is still up in the air for me, but seriously! If it has a penis, it's a guy. So why does every shinee fan I come across (with very few exceptions for me best friend Katie and a handful of others that readily voice their personal opinions) convince themselves that Taemin is forever a girly child and that Key is gay? Key's pretty damn fierce, but last I checked, that didn't make him automatically gay. Sure, I love fanfics. Shameless in my love for fanfics. Fanfic fanfic fanfic. But that is fiction by definition and not fact by any means.

...Since I don't want to offend my friends that think this way, I'm posting this here. XD; Also, don't give me coffee then tell me to organize the backroom. Joey made that mistake yesterday and I rearranged everything by system, price, and color. The testosterone at work complained that everything was "out of place" now. *evil laugh* Teehee hee~

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oh my good lord, I feel like I abandoned lj. OTL [Tuesday
January 29th, 2013 @7:46pm]
I swear that now this is more of a journal for reading stories other people write. Let sigh~

So, since it's been way too long, I'm not even going to do a serious update. Things happened IRL, I got sucked into customizing My Little Ponies, am now all about shiner even though the first few years I was fighting it tooth and nail...um...

That should catch me up to date. The past year was interesting. I went to court twice, lost both great grand mothers in this life, got into the radiology program at school (yes, a lot of time is spent rereading my anatomy and physiology books), my grandmother that I live with has worsened in health but she is recovering some, my cat was shot, and I went to NY to see L'arc en ciel. So, yeah. A lot has happened.

Since no one reads here anymore, I can safely say THANK GOD for the people in my life and the little things that have kept me going. Dunno why I even felt like posting....lol
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October 15th, 2011 @7:42pm]
Also....note to self: whether being shy or overly friendly to cover up initial shyness...I'm kinda fail at both. So self, just stop. LOL...You can't really change something you don't understand.

I keep remembering last year at the MGM, me, Katie, and Mel walking around and meeting all the other girls...and in LA, finally getting the courage to talk to my favorite fic writter. I was so scared to talk to everyone and now look at us...I feel I can call them all 'friends'....it's different. But in a good way. ^ ^-
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I hope I remember the tags for lj...> >;; [Saturday
October 15th, 2011 @7:37pm]
[ mood | full ]

It's really been a long time since I last posted, and I left on a bad note. Everything has been resolved between me and my friend.

Collapse )

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:/ [Saturday
June 25th, 2011 @10:48pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Ever really wish you could rely on the handful of people in this world that TELL you that you can rely on them? My friend is being....well, unreliable. She has been for quite sometime and I find myself these days thinking, "why am I still friends with her on facebook and twitter?" See, I work with this person. I am also a "very good friend" but been told to my face that I'm not a "best friend" and never should expect to be. (And then at a much later date told "I never said that, you're my best friend, but you're one of six or seven and you can't expect me to go out of my way to see you.")

This same person has also told me "Okay, can you not talk about Meg and Kitty and all your other friends when you're with me? I don't want to hear about them all the time because that makes me feel bad!" I just shrugged and said okay, haven't done anything since.

Now, her "best best friend" (um, hello, how old are we now?) is back from duty, showering her with gifts and my friend just has to talk about her all the damn time. Not just talk but "She spent hundreds of dollars on my plane ticket! She bought this! She's coming to the play with us!" ect. If I didn't work with her, I think this situation is stupid and disrespectful. But, see, I can't find a job. (I want one for many reasons but to get away from this friend is one....which I shouldn't be thinking about if we're really "friends" but...guess this is toxic :( ) I've tried just ignoring, but then she suddenly gets this interest in me again...until I start typing rp with her. After that, she's perfectly fucking fine and dandy ignoring ME again! And...she steals every idea I come up with. Not for rp, but in real life. I say "hey, I really want to go to this play!" and before I can even message someone on fb, she has to post it. GUUUUUUUUH I wouldn't be spamming here if I had any other place she wasn't able to see this. At least until I figure out how to handle this on top of everything else. >__

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To Pennsylvania and BEYOND! [Thursday
February 24th, 2011 @7:59am]
So! Im headed to Harrisburg, PA! Im excited! We're going to Hershey and to Hobboken...and even N.Y.C!! :DDDD PICTURES TO FOLLOW!
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February 10th, 2011 @9:10pm]
Aah...it has been such a slow day. I got to stay at the front desk today. ^^ I think I love it! Muchmuchmuch more than the cafe. But, and this is very random, I sold two EXPENSIVE copies of rosetta stone today....

And I thought about it, because...really, what is your price on language? Hers was $300 >_< Guess if you bottle water, you can box language. Right?

So, im no scientist, but the weekend before valentines and the manager "forgets" to buy godiva chocolate....srsly? Dude >_<~!
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February 9th, 2011 @2:41am]
Stupid stupid juon kept me up all night. T_T I am sooooooo tired and can't sleep because I keep seeing that girl from juon when I start to drift off. >_< and her hair!! Scary hair of doom afkgfjdah!!!!

Meeting with a friend tomorrow to help me finish my resume firstdraft...but I don't have word on my computer. Haven't in close to three (four?) Years now. And the revision she sent me....I can't view at home. I think its time I invested in a new laptop...but I don't see the point when I have a smartphone now.

Oh! I uh...have a droid~~~!! :3 finally! No longer a Virgin! Im an Android! Ahaha~ :) /lame

Two more weeks! Oh em gee. I need gloves...warm ones.
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February 4th, 2011 @10:53pm]
Since this seems one of the few places I can hide and sream about randomness anymore, im giving fair warning...


AUGGGGGH!!adfhcfzdgnbckfhgzdgk!!!!! ...1!.

Okay, so lately, I've been doing alot of thinking. Too much. There was a point in my life that I realized I'm sometimes behind the curb when it comes to "growing up." Let's face it, no one really wants to grow up. Other people, yeah, but...*sigh* I don't want to. But...I want to/need to move forward. I need to work on my dammed resume and grow up. Get a real job. I think I would be much happier if I could finally afford to live on my own. Im so tired and putoff by myself that I think I just need sleep. Im so glad I still have this journal. I hate having to cover things up on facebook or whatever with jokes and smiles cause uggggh it gets so tiring.

Anyways...I have one really cool thing coming up. Another adventure. Im just worried about the weather. Im going to PA to see a friend, hangout, and have agrand reunion. Man...I cannot wait. Im trying not to think too hard about it right now because I have to focus on getting resume figured out, but I can't stop. Work has bogged me down and its time for some comradery. Okay, bed >_< its good to get all of this off my mind. Sorry flist....:x
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Long night... [Saturday
December 4th, 2010 @12:47am]
[ mood | Freeeeeeeezing ]

I feel so tired. Lately all it seems I ever do is feel tired. I can't seem to fully wake up. And that's causing me to feel...haha...older? I dunno...

I got a job at Game Stop and it's so much more awesome to be around all the guys instead of all the girls...I just can't take anymore drama mamas. XD There's one guy that's really cool, cute, and funny, but he has a girlfriend and ehhhh I don't need that. But we may end up being gaming buddies. Thank GOD!!~ Speaking of games, I bought Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and...I hate to admit this...It's addicting and it's ROME! But I feel it's lacking something. The transition from AC to AC2, we went from Altair to Ezio. This one is like a version 2.5, so it wasn't expected to be another introduction to a character. Still, in AC2, Desmond had more of a role to play outside of the animus. There was action there in the end...

My ideas are simple for this: add a few scenes with Desmond "escaping" on his own in the night to spy or try and find the men that are/were following them...something like that would have been enough to get me past the fact that they didn't do much for the difference between Florence, ext in AC2 and Rome in AC:B...

/Nerd moment

I have five cards made...They look really cute, but..^_^; I think I got sticker happy lyke whoa. And I keep having to surpress the need to buy coffee or tea or soemthing to send to everyone...I really want to. I'm usually shy about sending stuff out by mail...or maybe just lazy? I'm not sure...I feel mail things are...harder to send. I would much rather give someone a present to their face and see the reaction than send it through mail, but there's only so much to do when everyone lives so far away...*Sigh*

.......and EW DX 1001 ways to die freaks me out~~~ I can't deal with watching all that...death DX I feel I need to hug my punching bag now!~! >.

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